Weight Management

Weight Management

This service is accessible to all, regardless of whether you’re dealing with being underweight, overweight, or suffering from obesity!

In this program, you’ll receive an online consultation with Rama.

She will complete the necessary assessments to give you accurate insights.

You’ll also receive a comprehensive report on your health and nutrition.

Additionally, Rama will provide a customized plan and advice to amend your everyday lifestyle and dietary habits.

You’ll be thoroughly briefed on your entire plan, leaving no room for confusion.
So, there’s no need to worry!

This service includes the following:

– Assessment of your health and nutrition via online consultation
– Comprehensive report on your health and nutrition
– Calculation of your daily energy needs for various health objectives
– Accurate breakdown and distribution of macronutrients
– A plan designed for healthy body weight management
– Personalized meal plan with recipes
– Advice on day-to-day food consumption and lifestyle habits
– Weekly check-ins for weight and body measurements monitoring

Service Description


1000 AED


4 weeks

Suitable Age:

Applicable for all age groups and health cases


Patient should provide all blood tests done and any medical diagnosis report done

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I would be very happy to assist you and help you achieve the optimum health you and your body deserve!