Managing diabetes involves making choices that prioritize your health, which can present a challenge! This service is designed to make this task easier for you and your loved ones and accommodates everyone dealing with type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

It’s not just for you – it could be beneficial for your parent, child, or any family member dealing with diabetes.

Through this service, you will have online consultation access with Rama.

She will conduct a holistic assessment to provide you with a comprehensive health and nutrition report.
This report will include a personalized plan regarding lifestyle modifications and dietary habits, crafted specifically with your needs in mind.

Rest assured; any medication you’re taking will be considered in the creation of your personalized plan. The approach we follow adheres strictly to scientifically validated methods for managing and controlling diabetes.

Rama will thoroughly discuss your plan, allowing you to understand each aspect. With us by your side, you will find managing diabetes a less daunting task.


This service will include the following:

– Assessment of your health and nutrition via online consultation
– Comprehensive report on your health and nutrition
– Calculation of your daily energy needs for various health objectives
– Accurate breakdown and distribution of macronutrients
– A plan designed for healthy body weight management and controlled blood sugar levels
– Personalized diabetic meal plan with recipes
– Food exchange list and portion control tips
– Advice on day-to-day food consumption and lifestyle habits
– Weekly check-ins for weight and body measurements monitoring

Service Description


1400 AED


4 weeks

Suitable Age:

This package is suitable for diabetic patients – all ages


Rama might request a contact with your concerned Doctor to assure full management

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