Nutrition and Health Care Coordination for Kids and Children

Nutrition and Health Care Coordination for Kids and Children

Managing the nutrition of children and young ones can be quite challenging in today’s world.
Factors such as peer influence at school and the environment have significant bearings on the dietary choices and habits of your loved ones.

The availability and convenience of pre-packaged meals, various snack options, and soft drinks or juices also pose substantial impacts on their health.

In this service, Rama will offer you all-round support and show dedicated care to your precious ones by personally interacting with them for better outcomes.

The approach for evaluation is unique here compared to other services as it caters to the needs of both the parent and the child.

This service will include the following:

– Assessment of health and nutrition via online consultation
– Comprehensive report for health and nutrition status
– Calculation of for the daily energy needs for various health objectives
– Accurate breakdown and distribution of macronutrients
– A plan designed for healthy weight management and controlled food habits
– Personalized meal plan with recipes
– Food exchange list and portion control tips
– Advice on day-to-day food consumption and lifestyle habits
– Weekly check-ins for weight and body measurements monitoring

Service Description


1400 AED


4 weeks

Suitable Age:

For kids between 1 year to 16 years


Parents should provide all the blood tests and medical reports along with the medications list

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